Where do I place the Love Handles?

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We recommend placing the Love Handles in two areas:

  • Lower abdomen (and vicinity of your groin)
  • Lower back.

Everybody is unique! Whilst a lot of our customers report finding the most relief when placing the pads lower down, it's really up to you - whatever feels best for your body is the right place for you! There are a number of different nerve sites in this area that could be responsible for the pain you’re experiencing, so we recommend playing around with the placement until you find what feels good 😊

Just remember to:

  • Place each Love Handle approximately 10cm apart. Do not allow the pads to touch.
  • Only apply the Love Handles to normal, intact, clean and healthy skin. Never apply stimulation to open wounds, rashes, eruptions, inflamed or infected areas or skin.
While it’s tempting to use Noha's magical power on all areas of the body, please note that application to your neck, chest, thorax or anywhere on the face can be dangerous.

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