How long will the Sticky Gels will last me?

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Sticky Gels may be reused until stickiness is lost. We estimate that each set will last you approximately 2-3 uses when used, stored and cared for properly.

How do I look after my Sticky Gels?

  • Use: Always apply your gels to clean dry skin. This prevents dirt and sweat from adhering to the gels and compromising their stickiness.
  • Storage: Always pop the Love Handles back on the peach storage disc and store in the storage pouch provided to prevent them from getting dirty and drying out.

If you'd like the additional comfort of a heat pack while using your device, the heat may cause the gels to become too sticky. In the event this happens, just pop your Love Handles in the fridge to cool down.

What do I do if the gels lose stickiness?

If the gels feel dry or have lost a bit of stickiness, gently rub a few drops of water on the gel surface with your fingertips or with a damp cloth. Wait 5-10 minutes until the gels are dry or becomes tacky again.

Caution, do not:
Apply gels to the skin if still wet (make sure you pat dry)
- Rub the gels with tissue or paper towel (this will get stuck to the gel)
- Scrub the gel (it will tear)

Once your gels have truly lost their stickiness, you can purchase replacement packs here. There are three refill pack options to chose from: 6 pack (3 pairs of gels), 12 pack (6 pairs of gels), and 24 pack (12 pairs of gels). At a minimum, the 6 pack should last you about 2-3 months.

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