Where can I use the device?

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Our Love Handles (two round pads) are designed to provide relief across two areas:

  1. The lower abdomen (and vicinity of your groin).
  2. The lower back.

Here's an example of where to apply them:

Place each Love Handle approximately 4 inches/10cm apart. Ensure your skin is clean and dry.

Many users report finding the most relief when their pads are placed lower down. However, everybody is unique so this might not be the ideal placement for you and that's okay. There are several nerves that supply the uterine area that may be responsible for your pain, so we suggest moving the pads around a bit until you find the right spot for you. Click here for more on where to place the Love Handles.

Always remember to:

  • Place each Love Handle approximately 4 inches/10cm apart. Allow a minimum distance of 1 inch/3cm. Do not allow the pads to touch.
  • Only apply the Love Handles to normal, intact, clean and healthy skin. Never apply stimulation to open wounds, rashes, eruptions, inflamed or infected areas of the skin. 🙂
WARNING. While it’s tempting to use our period pain relief device's magical powers on all areas of the body, we recommend that you only use it around the lower abdomen and lower back areas. Application to your neck, chest, thorax and/or face can be dangerous.

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